Departing Australia

Leaving Australia for a period of living and/or working overseas is almost certainly going to raise the question of your tax residency status in Australia.

This is often a significant issue, as residents of Australia are subject to income tax on their worldwide income, while non residents are only subject to Australian tax on their Australian source income and capital gains – though at non resident rates of tax.

Those who are leaving Australia as temporary visa holders may also be eligible to claim a refund of superannuation contributions paid by their employers in Australia – known as the Departing Australia Superannuation Payment, or DASP.

GM Tax offers the following services to those who are departing Australia:

  • Tax planning advice, with a regard had to your residency status in Australia
  • Preparation of Australian tax returns, with all returns submitted to the ATO electronically
  • Advice on the tax position where a property in Australia is being let while a taxpayer is living overseas
  • Guidance on the tax position for Self Managed Superannuation Funds where the trustees of a Fund are non resident
  • Assistance to ensure Australian source income of those who are non residents of Australia is properly taxed and is not taxed twice, or double taxed. This last point is particularly relevant to those who have Australian source income or capital gains which is also subject to tax in the country in which the taxpayer is now resident
  • Assisting departing temporary residents with the recovery of superannuation monies under Australia’s DASP arrangements

GM Tax has a policy of providing a fixed fee quote whenever possible to all who are interested in engaging our services.

If you are departing Australia for a period of living and/or working overseas and would like a no obligation fee proposal from a firm of tax advisors that understands the issues affecting you please don’t hesitate to contact us by completing the enquiry form on this webpage or telephoning the GM Tax office that is closest to you.
We’ll be delighted to have a free initial discussion.